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I used to be a blogger.

I won't tell you where I posted for fear you’d rummage around and giggle at what you’d find, much like discovering a friend’s old yearbook from ages before you knew them—their hair perfectly poufed for that decade but woefully obsolete for today. (Unless you’re as old as dirt and the fad has unfortunately returned.)

I’d like to pretend I’ve matured far past the young woman of my blogging days, but she’s still in there. The same melodies that moved me then stir my heart now. The lyrics are updated, expanded by adversity, affliction, and the grit of life on this side of things. Gardening, nature, moments with my kids, the everyday ordinary are still rife with beauty and meaning that goes beyond what my eyes can see. Curiosity has not killed this cat. It has fed a hunger for more. More beauty. More meaning. More fingerprints of the Creator. More of whatever is lovely. And I want to share it with you. Again.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Almost 11 years ago, I published the last post on my blog. The closest I’ve come to reviving it has been through my Instagram account. I’ll still post there, but I wanted to create a more personal space. Somewhere I not only share what the Lord is showing me but also invite you to share back. Imagine we’re sitting on my front porch in the two paint-pealing rocking chairs, sipping on something warm or refreshing (depending on the season), and exchanging stories about whatever lovely thing we saw that day or week that stirred our hearts to love and know God. Won’t you be my neighbor and come sit for a spell?

What to expect…

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If you’re ready to sit and visit…

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